Army Publication AR 670-1, or AR 670-1 for short, officially called Army Regulation 670-1, is the official code of dress and appearance for soldiers in the U.S. Army. It covers everything from hair length to grooming standards and even tattoo policies. Whenever you’re on duty, you must be prepared for whatever challenges come your way. That’s why it’s important to wear boots that are compliant with the Army’s official standards for footwear.

These standards are designed to maintain the esprit de corps and make sure that all soldiers take pride in their appearance. However, they also need to be flexible enough to allow for the changing needs of a modern fighting force.

The most recent update to AR 670-1 was published in 2021, and it includes some major changes to Army grooming standards. These changes are intended to support the Army’s People First priority and its efforts in diversity and inclusion. The new policy also makes it easier for female soldiers to wear longer hair and allows them to hide visible tattoos. It also enables retired soldiers with honorable wartime service to wear their uniforms, but only if they are worn in conjunction with civilian clothing.

What is AR 670-1 About?

AR 670-1 prescribes Department of the Army policy for proper wear and appearance of uniforms and insignia. It applies to officers and enlisted personnel of the active and reserve components of the Army and former soldiers. It covers everything from hair length to how to hide visible tattoos when in uniform.

In addition, AR 670-1 provides guidelines for grooming standards. For example, men and women must not have piercings other than earlobes when in uniform, and they cannot have nail extensions or adornments on their nails (except for medically necessary nail polish). Also, makeup is not permitted, except for lipstick that does not distinctly contrast with lip color.

It is important that military personnel maintain a high standard of professional appearance. This is crucial to fostering an environment of esprit de corps and pride in one’s service. It also helps to create a cohesive image of the United States Army, which is essential to military effectiveness.

What Color Hair Can a Female Wear in AR 670-1?

What Color Hair Can a Female Wear in AR 670-1?

The new Army policy changes allow female soldiers to choose multiple hairstyles in uniform as long as they look professional and do not interfere with headgear. The Army also allows women to use highlights, but the colors must be natural and blend with a person’s natural color. The army prohibits “extreme” colors, including platinum blond on very dark hair.

Women in the Army can grow their hair to medium length or wear it up in a ponytail. However, the hair cannot extend more than three millimeters past their ears or uniform collar, and it must be straight. The army doesn’t allow slanted or curved parts. The military also does not allow “extreme” hair colors, like bright/fire-engine red, purple, pink or other neon hues.

Army Regulation 670-1 outlines the standards that soldiers must follow when they are in uniform. All active-duty military personnel, Army National Guard and Reserve Officer Training Corps members, and service academy students must abide by the regulation.