Form DD 2875 is used to request access to Department of Defense systems and information. The form is also known as SAAR or System Authorization Access Request. The form requires an EDI/PI number, a supervisor’s name, phone number, or endorser’s information. It also asks for the type of access requested, such as authorized or privileged.

DD 2875 is a form used to register the personal identifying information of individuals seeking access to DoD systems and information. It is designed to validate the trustworthiness of those requesting access, so it’s important that all information on the form is accurate.

The DD 2875 should be filled out in its entirety. The user will provide their name, military status and rank, and the reason for requesting access to DoD systems. The form also requires a signature from the user’s supervisor or representative.

Who Must Complete DD 2875?

DD Form 2875, System Authorization Access Request (SAAR), must be completed by all users who require access to DoD systems and information, including VA eBenefits. This includes VA Public Contact Representatives at national call centers and Veterans Service Representatives on regional office Public Contact Teams.

When completing a SAAR, it is important to make sure all sections are completed. This includes ensuring that the SAAR is signed by the individual and providing information about the security level of the user’s system access request. It’s also essential to provide a citation of the authority for this system or collection of PII, when possible.

There are several steps that must be taken to properly fill out this form. First, the user must provide their EDI/PI number in Box 21. This can be found on their CatCard. It is also necessary to provide a telephone number and organization name. The form must be signed by a functional appointee.

In addition to the personal information, this form requires a description of why they need access to this information. It must also specify the kind of access requested: classified or unclassified. It is also required to state whether the requestor has completed annual cyber awareness training and their citizenship status.

How to Submit Form DD2875

How to Submit Form DD2875?

Whether you are applying for access to DoD systems, changing an existing access, or creating your own account, a process must be followed. The DD 2875, or System Authorization Access Request, is a form that all personnel should complete as part of their written procedures for requesting access to DoD systems.

The form contains a variety of fields, including EDI/PI number, clearance level, date of investigation, and the signature of the user. Additionally, the form requires a statement of justification indicating why the user needs access to the system. The final box, Block 22, must contain the endorsement of the user’s supervisor or Government sponsor, certifying that the above information is true.

Users can file the DD 2875 via email, fax, or in person. However, it is recommended that the original SAAR be kept on file for one year after access termination. You can also use the free eSignAtWork online editor to make adjustments to the form before submitting it for approval.