Whether you’re a member of the Army or not, you may have questions about how to find your HRC Army promotion points. The Army has a few different options for finding your promotion points, but they’re not all created equal.

Whether or not you are in the process of making the move from the rank and file to the command and control cadre, or have been tasked with making the transition, you may want to know the best time to pull the promotion points from the swarm. The Army’s promotion system is currently in a state of flux and the latest updates come courtesy of HRC’s master sergeant promotion board.

The new system is set to be rolled out over the next several months, and will include a few novelty gizmos to help speed up the process. Some of the newer features include the ability to assign a promotion-sequence number based on a soldier’s time in grade, or date of birth. Other changes include the inclusion of the new Army Training Requirements and Resources System, or ATTRS, which will allow Soldiers to earn four points a week for completing a list of training courses. This will increase the overall rate at which promotion recommendations are made to a more reasonable level.

The new promotion system is not without its flaws, such as the inability to produce an order of merit for Soldiers who have been demoted from their former positions. While the new system hasn’t yet hit the ground running, personnel officials have high hopes that it will be fully functional by 2021. The new system will also serve as a stimulus to boost certification rates in the Army, which will in turn allow the military to better train its troops and fill positions in the ranks of sergeant, private and corporal. In addition, it will also give soldiers a leg up on the competition, with the promise of a higher pay grade. Lastly, it will eliminate stale sergeants and promote the best of the best.

As you can see, the Army’s new promotion system is a complex beast. While the newest version of the system should be a boon to soldiers, personnel officials are keenly aware that the system’s shortcomings are going to be exposed as they attempt to get everyone on the same page and to the same degree.

How do I find my promotion points Army?


Identifying the HRC Army promotion points that matter to you is easy if you know where to look. You can see your scores on the HRC website, or you can contact the Army’s Career Manager. You can find out if you are selected for a promotion and if so, you will receive an email with the information you need to apply for it.

The HRC website offers a number of other resources to help you with your promotion. One is the Army Enlisted Promotions Trend Report. This simple document is based on data from the first of each month. It is an important document to have.

Keeping your evaluations up to date is also a good idea. This will send a strong message to the promotion board. The Army has a system for doing this called ERB (Enlisted Recognition Board). You can add entries to this document as new documents are provided. You can find the link to this page on the HRC website.

Another way to identify the HRC Army promotion points that matter to your particular situation is to use a program called Army Cutoff Scores. This app gives you instant access to current Army promotion point cutoff scores. You can then use the data to determine the best DA form template for your needs.

It may not be the best way to find out your HRC Army promotion points, but it’s the fastest. The AKO website provides an online tool for logging into the PPW, and you can view your score on it by signing in using your AKO username and password.

The other thing that a Soldier should be aware of is that the promotion system changes regularly. This is because the Army is trying to get more people certified. You can also gain points by participating in certain training courses. You may earn as many as 10 points for completion of a WLC course.

The most important part of this system is to have an accurate AMHRR. A correctly maintained AMHRR will make it easier for you to gain promotion points.

Is BLC worth promotion points?


Whether you are currently at the Basic Leader Course or are aspiring to be an SSG, you have to complete the Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS). During your course of study, you will earn promotion points for outstanding academic performance. These points can help you achieve your goal of becoming an SSG.

To receive the maximum number of points, you must complete all of the sections in the Promotion Point Worksheet. The worksheet uses your personnel record to calculate the points. This allows you to quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, there are Education Promotion Points, which are awarded for a variety of courses. For most courses, these points are capped. You can find out more about these points in the Army Recruitment brochure.

The BLC is a required course for Soldiers who want to move up in rank. This course consists of 40 hours of training and is valued at four promotion points per week. Those who complete the course are eligible for a Distinguished Honor Graduate status and the Commandant’s List. These soldiers can also earn up to 60 promotion points.

The Battalion Year Boards and Quarter Boards are also considered for promotion. Those who are awarded the Battalion Year Board will earn 80 points, while those who win the quarter board will earn 120. The board is composed of an odd number of unbiased voting members.

You can also earn promotion points for other off-duty education efforts. These include attending PME and other college coursework. You can also earn 78 promotion points by completing classes online. The amount of points you can earn depends on your MOS and your educational program.

You can also earn promotion points for a variety of courses that are part of the Army Training Requirements and Resources Systems. These courses are listed in ATTRS, and you can earn up to four points a week for your academic work. You will need to complete DA form 87 to receive the maximum points.

You can also receive up to 80 points by completing other professional military education courses. Some professional education courses are worth zero points.