DTMS Army is the Army’s system of record for training management. It records unit training rosters, weapons qualification, APFT score, and height and weight. It also stores mandatory training data. Almost 50 percent of the help desk tickets concerning DTMS Army relate to user accounts. Those issues are often caused by a user trying to create an account with their legacy AKO username or UID.

DTMS Army is a Training Management System

DTMS Army is a web-based program that allows military leaders or commanders to manage unit training. It provides them with direct digital access to a variety of Army information systems. It also allows them to view a Soldier’s school history and current enrollment status. Additionally, it allows them to record individual training, Army Warrior tasks, and mandatory tasks.

It is available to both active duty and reserve component units. Its functionality is being enhanced under an ITES-2S contract. nFocus Software is working with General Dynamics IT to develop the system’s future capabilities.

TMD hosts periodic DTMS Q&A sessions to help users with common problems. These sessions are announced via the DTMS Users Group and are posted on ATN, ATMS Help Desk, and milBook. They are also available as Audio/Video Self-Paced and Slide Based Tutorials on the DTMS Knowledge Base. These tutorials are designed to be accessible for all users, regardless of location or device.

DTMS Army is a Tracking System

DTMS Army is a Tracking System

DTMS Army is a military-based software that allows commanders to track and evaluate their soldiers. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to record and assess individual training activities. It also allows commanders to view or edit their mission essential task list (METL) and schedule training to long-range and short-range calendars.

DTMS Army has recently been upgraded to support the Army’s focus on training readiness. Its new training dashboards allow brigade and below users to directly access DTMS to view their organization’s required reportable training data (i.e., APFT scores, AR 600-9 Height/Weight and weapon qualifications) instead of submitting it to eMILPO or the Net Unit Status Reporting System-Army.

The software is free to use and is easy to learn. It also has a support desk that is available 16 hours a day during the work week. TMD releases quarterly software updates to fix bugs and improve functionality based on user input.

DTMS Army is a Reporting System

The Army’s Digital Training Management System (DTMS) offers a number of features to support the commander and the Soldier. The system allows commanders to track individual and unit training. It also helps them update FORSCOM force pools. It is a tool that supports the Army’s training management doctrine outlined in Field Manual 7-0 and the Chief of Staff’s focus on readiness.

To help users navigate the DTMS system, TMD has implemented new training and self-help tools. These include a training and readiness dashboard that allows brigade and below to directly access and manage their organization’s required reportable training data in a single location. In addition, TMD now offers a monthly DTMS Operators course through MS Teams and quarterly in-person DTMS Managers course at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

The ATMS Help Desk is available to answer questions via telephone, chat, email or web ticket from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. CDT Monday through Friday. The DTMS knowledge base on ATN also has many resources and tutorials to help users with the system.

DTMS Army is a Learning Management System

DTMS Army is a Learning Management System

DTMS Army offers features that enable unit leaders and trainers at all levels to manage individual and collective training. Currently, it tracks the training of more than 2 million Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians worldwide. Its customizable capability focuses on enhancing the user experience and consolidating other Army systems.

The most common issues reported by users are related to user accounts. The ATMS help desk has a dedicated team of personnel available to assist with this issue. Anthony Woodard, ATMS lead, said that many units incorrectly create new DTMS user accounts using an enterprise email address. This prevents the user from having authorized access to their DTMS record.

Other frequent issues include weapons management and inaccurate CATS data displayed in DTMS. In addition, a large number of DTMS users do not understand the requirements for recording MET Assessments for USR reporting. TMD will hold monthly DTMS Q&A sessions over MS Teams to educate users on system changes. Additionally, a variety of self-help tutorials and training reference links are available on ATN.