A tarp is an essential piece of equipment for military personnel. It can be used to protect vehicles and equipment and conceal movement. It can also be used as a sleeping shelter. All active duty, reserve, and national guard soldiers are required to take TARP training annually. This training can be taken online through the Army Learning Management System.

Military tarp training is a mandatory annual training requirement for all active duty, reserve, and national guard troops, civilians, and contractors who support the Department of Defense. It is conducted in a live classroom environment and includes interactive, responsive training. During the course, participants learn about how to identify and report suspicious activity. Those who successfully complete the course will receive an ALMS TARP certificate.

Military tarps are versatile tools that can be used for many different purposes. For example, they can be used as a shelter, camouflage, or to conceal equipment and movement. They also come in handy during a survival situation. In addition, they are useful for protecting equipment from the elements.

A military tarp is also an excellent choice for hammock camping. It can be secured between two trees to protect you from rain and wind. Moreover, it can be used to cover your sleeping bag and keep your clothes dry. It can even be configured into a poncho or shelter.

One of the best things about military tarps is that they are versatile. They can be used as a tent, ground cover, sunshade, or gear cover. These tarps are made from heavy-duty material and available in various colors and sizes. They are also reversible, so you can choose the color that suits your needs.

Threat Awareness and Reporting Program

Threat Awareness and Reporting Program

In order to keep the Army safe, it is essential that everyone understands what constitutes a threat. Using the slogan “if you see something, say something,” the program aims to encourage employees to report suspicious activities. The program is conducted every September, and it has become an institutionalized effort to remind the Department of Defense of the importance of reporting insider threats.

The training is offered through the EAMS portal and can be completed in a live environment. The course covers potential threats, collection methods, warning signs of terrorism, and reporting responsibilities. This training is required for all cleared DOD and Federal agency partner security professionals. It will also explain individuals’ role in counterintelligence and provide specific examples of reported threats. These include sabotage, subversion, theft or diversion of military technology, information systems intrusions and unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

In the wake of the Fort Hood shooting, TARP has been refocused to focus on terrorist-associated insider threats. The new training also includes an increased understanding of the process by which individuals can be radicalized, and what to look for in their behavior. The program is currently mandated by Army Regulation 381-12 for all active duty, National Guard, Reserve personnel, and civilians. It is a requirement that must be completed on an annual basis.