DA Form 4187 is the official US Army form used to request personal “personnel actions”. If you want to change your name, rank or unit, this is the correct form. Make sure to check off the appropriate personnel action that you are requesting. If the requested action doesn’t appear as an option, you must write it in the other column and a description.

DA Form 4187, also known as the Personnel Action Request, is a form that is used in the Army to request a personnel action. This can include things like training, reassignment, extra rations, name changes, and more. The more information that is provided on the form, the more likely it will be approved.

When submitting the DA Form 4187, a soldier must include their full name, rank, and social security number. They also must indicate which action they are requesting. If they request a change in duty status, it is important to note that their battalion (or higher) commander must approve the new duty status.

When a soldier gets married, they must file DA Form 4187 to ensure that their spouse is properly enrolled in the military’s Automatic Joint Domicile Program. This is necessary to ensure that both soldiers’ records are updated in the Army’s Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB). This form must be submitted to the soldier’s BDE S-1/MPD or BCT S-1 within 30 days of the marriage. The DA Form 4187 must be signed and dated before it is submitted. In addition, the soldier must provide a copy of their marriage certificate.

How to Fill Out DA Form 4187

How to Fill Out DA Form 4187?

DA Form 4187, also known as the Personnel Action Form, is used by military personnel to request a variety of actions on their own behalf. These include training, reassignment, extra rations, and name changes. This form is submitted to a battalion commander for approval. It must contain all necessary information and be signed before it can be submitted.

Depending on the type of action requested, additional information may be required. This can include details about the requestor’s unit, rank, grade, and social security number. This information aims to help process the request through the proper channels. If the request is for more than one soldier, a roster of personnel should be included with the form.

Filling out DA Form 4187 can be time-consuming and confusing. However, some online softwares can help make the process easier by providing a set of ready-made templates. These templates are designed to meet all of the requirements for a specific type of request. They can be easily edited to include the correct information and a signature field. Simply use our online editor to edit the form and double-check all of the information. Then, you can instantly email or share the form via a link, download it, export it, or print it.

DA Form 4187 for Marriage

DA Form 4187 for Marriage

DA Form 4187 is used to request a waiver for military benefits due to unforeseen circumstances related to the Soldier’s spouse, children, or other Family members. The applicant must submit supporting documentation, typically in affidavit form. The document should describe the Family’s situation and explain why the Soldier cannot fulfill their duties without sacrificing his or her Family’s well-being.

Easily adjust the DA Form 4187 Jan 2000 by adding or changing fillable fields, drop new pages, rearrange existing ones, add an image or logo, and more. Once finished, download your adjusted file, print from the editor, export to the cloud, share via a link, or send it to someone else for review.