The Army Human Resources Command (HRC) works to manage and allocate human resources throughout the United States Army. The organization is responsible for various tasks, including managing promotions and assignments, processing personnel actions, and maintaining personnel records. To accomplish these tasks, the HRC works closely with other organizations throughout the Army, including the Department of the Army G-1, the Army National Guard, and the Army Reserve.

Additionally, the HRC works with military personnel at all levels of the Army, from enlisted soldiers to high-ranking officers. The organization uses a variety of tools and resources to manage Army personnel, including an online portal called the Soldier Management System (SMS), which allows soldiers to manage their own personnel information and interact with the HRC. Overall, the Army HRC plays a critical role in ensuring the Army has the human resources needed to accomplish its mission effectively.

List of the Army Human Resources Command (HRC) Services

  • Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate
  • Officer Personnel Management Directorate
  • Senior Leader Management Directorate
  • Command Programs and Policy Division
  • Casualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Division
  • Personnel Information Systems Directorate
  • Human Resource Information Technology Support Division
  • Evaluation Systems Office
  • Army Continuing Education System
  • Enlisted Personnel Operations Directorate
  • Officer Personnel Operations Directorate
  • Personnel Services Delivery Directorate
  • Recruiting and Retention School
  • Retention and Transition Directorate
  • Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program
  • Reserve Component Personnel and Support Directorate
  • Army Reserve Personnel Command
  • Army National Guard Personnel Center
  • Soldier Support Institute.
Army Human Resources Command Portals

List of the Army Human Resources Command Portals (HRC):

  • Army Career Tracker (ACT): Provides a web-based training and education system to track Army career development.
  • Army Training Requirements and Resources System (ATRRS): Provides a centralized portal for soldiers to manage their training and career development.
  • Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO): An Army-wide personnel management system that provides a centralized database of personnel information.
  • Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A): A web-based human resources system that integrates personnel and pays functions, allowing soldiers to view their personnel and pay information in real-time.
  • Military Personnel Exchange Program (MPEP): Provides information on the exchange program between the Army and foreign military personnel.
  • Officer Record Brief (ORB): A secure web-based application that allows officers to view and manage their official personnel files.
  • Personnel Electronic Records Management System (iPERMS): An Army-wide electronic record management system that allows soldiers to view and manage their official personnel records.
  • My Record Portal (MRP): Provides soldiers with access to their personnel records and information on their benefits and entitlements.
  • Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK): Allows soldiers to view and update their assignment preferences and monitor their assignment status.
  • Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS): Provides a centralized database of officer personnel information and allows officers to manage their career development.
  • Army Reserve Management System (ARMS): Provides a web-based management system for Army Reserve personnel.
  • Army Benefits Center-Civilian (ABC-C): Provides information on benefits and entitlements for Army civilian employees.
  • Army Knowledge Online (AKO): Provides a web-based portal for Army personnel to access information on training, career development, and other Army resources.
  • Army Reserve Home Page (ARHP): Provides information on the Army Reserve, including news, resources, and career opportunities.
  • Army Retiree Services (ARS): Provides information and resources for Army retirees, including benefits and entitlements.
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS): Provides financial and accounting services for the Department of Defense, including military pay and benefits.
  • Soldier for Life (SFL): Provides information and resources to help soldiers transition to civilian life after leaving the Army.
  • Personnel Records Review (PRR): A program that provides soldiers the opportunity to review their official military records and ensure accuracy.
  • Officer Personnel Management System (OPMS): A system that provides officers with access to their personnel records, career management information, and assignment opportunities.
  • Warrant Officer Career Center (WOCC): A center that manages warrant officers’ career development and training.
  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS): A system that provides personnel data management and reporting for the Army.
  • Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center (EREC): A center that processes and maintains the personnel records of enlisted soldiers.
  • Retiree and Annuitant Services: A program that supports and assists retired soldiers and their families.
  • Army Continuing Education System (ACES): A program that provides educational resources and opportunities for soldiers, including tuition assistance and credentialing programs.
  • Enlisted Promotion System (EPS)
  • Advanced Leader Course Common Core (ALC-CC)
  • Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reporting System (NCOER)
  • Army Retention Program
  • Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting (PASR)


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